UK poisoned Elsisi with a poison like that used against Arafat, during the dinner the made exceptionally for him during his last visit for London. They claimed that the British Intelligence recorded calls among ISIS members, planning to explode the Russian plane in Sinai, but they dd not inform or warn Egypt or Russia! Instead, they waited till this happened then declared it, and withdrew their tourists! They sent terrorist archaeologist Reeves to Luxor, claiming that he wants to search for Nefertiti's tomb inside King Tut's tomb, but he real reason was to enter HAARP-LASER devices, to create new climate disasters. Same s done by Morgan Freeman, UN, and Tom Hanks.WhnpUTILAMED TEM, THEY VOWED TO TARGET rUSSIAN TOURISTS INSIDE sINAI, T FORCE HIMTO WITHDRAW THEM, TO COLLAPSE eGYPTIAN ECONOMY, TO RID OF eLSISI AND RESTORE THEIR AGENT mORSI.

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