NWO War on Egypt soon! ==================== Egyptians succeeded in postponing NWO plan for New Middle East and New World Order, temporarily. Egyptians got rid of Morsi and his terrorist Brotherhood, who serve in the CIA-MI6-Mossad. NWO terrorists are destroying Egypt now, with Climate War, using Muslim Brother climate activists, who spray chemtrails at low heights and then use modern HAARP-LASER to create disasters. They even had thrown cement inside sewage tunnels to prevent drainage of rain water to drown Egyptians! Elsisi has been saved from several plans to assassinate him in UK, but they poisoned him lie what they did to Yasser Arafat. Russian plane was targeted by CIA-MI6-Mossad modern LASER Weapons to collapse tourism and economy. They plan to increase climate disasters to prevent the Second Part of Parliamentary Elections and then to target a ship in Suez Canal to create a reason to start a Triple War on Egypt to occupy Suez Canal, Sinai, free Morsi, and start NWO.

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