NWO: Let's occupy Egypt! How to occupy Egypt in steps? =============================================== They claimed that Saddam had WMD, to occupy Iraq. They claimed the Arab Spring to occupy many Arab countries and allow jihadist Blackwater terrorists proxy war. Now they plan to occupy Egypt! They failed to allow jihad terrorists to rule Egypt! They failed to collapse Egyptian economy! They failed to start civil war between Christians and Muslims or Shiite and Sunni! They failed to rule Egypt through Soros puppets! So? ================================================ They create climate disasters using Muslim Brother climate activists, who were offered chemtrail-spraying small drones 20-30 cm, GPS, and modern small devices for HAARP. They plan to create more disasters to ruin the Second Stage of Parliamentary Elections. They target all countries which support Egypt with terrorism. They attempt to collapse economy and tourism by all means. They plan to kill Elsisi and to make a bloody revolution January 25th, 2016. They plan to target Egyptian Christians by bombing churches. The plan to target a ship in Suez Canal, to claim that Sinai and Suez Canal are under ISIS control. Then they can occupy Egypt to protect their benefits!

from FB-RSS feed for مــــــصـــــر فـــي خــــــطـــــــر /انــقــذوهــا ياـ مــصــريــن http://ift.tt/1N3hhn7

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