Liars are ready to make war on Egypt to defend their ISIS! The UK-US-Israeli liars are ready to deceive the world again and again, like when they did through the fake Arab Spring Revolutions, run by Soros and NWO-NGO, like when they claimed that Saddam owned WMD and like when they claimed they were fighting Al Qaeda and ISIS, while Mccaine and Carter were leading them. Same liars are ready to fake lies about the Russian aircraft, and create more attacks on ships and tourists, to occupy Sinai and Suez Canal and force to free their terrorist Morsi and his Brotherhood jihadists. Ruy=ssian Aircraft was targeted by the Israeli Laser Weapons, near the Israeli-Egyptian borders and it crashed in the air and did not explode, that is why all luggage were in excellent condition.

from FB-RSS feed for مــــــصـــــر فـــي خــــــطـــــــر /انــقــذوهــا ياـ مــصــريــن

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