CIA-MI6-Mossad plan to target ships in Suez Canal within hours or few days to create reasons to start a triple attack on Egypt, under the claim that Egypt is unable to protect Sinai or Suez Canal. That is why they targeted the Russian aircraft using Israeli LASER-HAARP weapons over Sinai, a few kilometers from Israeli borders. That is why JWT zionist company introduced to Egypt and Arab region recently HAARP LASER devices with Morgan Freeman, and Reeves. That is why they create climate disasters. That is why they poisoned Elsisi in the dinner they made for him in his visit to UK recently, same way they did to Arafat. They know they are exposed and want to collapse Egypt by all means, to start their Satanic NWO.

from FB-RSS feed for مــــــصـــــر فـــي خــــــطـــــــر /انــقــذوهــا ياـ مــصــريــن

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