Muslim Brothers declare their New World Order in Egypt and Middle East and vow to punish their opponents with climate disasters! The "International Muslim Brotherhood Organization"-one of the branches of the branches of the "New World Order"," NWO"-in Egypt and Middle East, declared the application of the "NWO". "Muslim Brothers" explained that "survival is for the powerful", and that the world can not stand the presence of many fighting powers. They said that they are internationally responsible for this region of the world, and that they can not wait till the application of the "NWO" in the rest of the world, because of the current situations. They summarized the issue in the "total obedience" for their orders, or the punishment for nations, countries or systems through "climate war", "biological", or "chemical" weapons, and that the "International Organizations", shall never stop their support, funding, or training for "Brotherhood Militias", on using "chemtrails", "HAARP Waves", and more advanced techniques, which are not known by the current retarded systems. "Muslim Brothers" pointed that they made a "Mass Punishment" on Egyptians in the Governorates the first stage of "Parliamentary Elections", and drowned them with floods, for their disobedience for "Muslim Brothers", and the "NWO", and that the punishment shall not stop till the release of the "Legal President" "Mohammad Morsi", the arrest of the "Coup Leaders", and the complete obedience for the "International Muslim Brotherhood Organization", in all their orders, or the worse shall come. They added that earthquakes, tsunami waves, activated volcanoes, or drought and desertification shall not be far from Egyptians and all nearby nations. They said: "Any village or district that may disobey us shall face extreme punishment, and those who shall totally obey us , will face less punishment. They had never tried the torture by biological or chemical weapons yet and we are proud enough, as we were able to deceive those stupid and ignorant systems, and now we have highly trained militias, o defeat them with "climate war", while they are falling in deep sleep".

from FB-RSS feed for مــــــصـــــر فـــي خــــــطـــــــر /انــقــذوهــا ياـ مــصــريــن

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